Officers raided the homes of known criminals in the early hours of an October morning.

The Borehamwood and Elstree Times joined police, who were armed with burglary and drug warrants, as part of Operation Scorpion.

Out of the ten properties detectives entered, two arrests were made at houses in Gateshead Road.

Also that month, villagers vowed not to give up the fight against the closure of Radlett sorting office, which would mean a drive of four miles to pick up packages from Borehamwood.

Hooded yobs ram-raided a newsagent in the middle of the night, attacking the portable cash point at the back of the shop until it shattered.

Three men drove a car at full speed and shattered the padlocked security gates at the back, before breaking down the fire door with a metal bar.

The thieves left with nothing – but three days later three men were arrested after the shop was broken into again.

Kantha Gopalasundaram, who owns Villicity Food and Wine, Shenley Road, said: “I just cannot believe someone would be evil enough to do this.”

The campaign for round-the-clock traffic lights at Stirling Corner roundabout continued, and one brave car-crash survivor said she felt lights could have changed her life.

Carol Davies' life was shattered in an accident at the dangerous junction in 2002, but to this day, is still plagued with back troubles, insomnia and cannot leave the house.

Disability campaigners also fought to save the spa at The Venue in Shenley Road from being demolished to make way for a soft play area.

The hot tub was used by hundreds of people as a means of soothing painful joint conditions such as arthritis, leaving many worried about the future of their health.

Housing is still an issue for some, with mouldy walls and damp ceilings leaving a baby with severe breathing troubles, according to his mother.

Cheslie Lankston, of Thirsk Road, said her ten-month-old son Terry had been rushed to hospital with bronchitis as a result of his living conditions.

Housing association Affinity Sutton has promised to provide a lasting solution.