A heroic dog saved a family-of-seven this month when fire ripped through their garage, destroying years of precious memories.

Clyde, a white bulldog, started barking in the middle of the night, waking owner Sean Corbett who was asleep on the sofa.

Mr Corbett, his wife and their five children – aged one to 13 – were able to scramble to safety before the fire destroyed the rest of the house.

Also this month, a four-year-old girl watched in horror as a vicious dog killed her puppy, Jack, outside her home.

Lillie-Anne Martin was left devastated after the Jack Russell was killed, prompting her mother Charlotte to start a petition calling on all dogs to be muzzled when in public.

Drivers were also seen ignoring a one-way sign in a busy street near a primary school.

Richard Jarvis, of Hartforde Road, says he was nearly killed by a driver going the wrong way down Winstre Road and called for urgent action to be taken.

A mum saw red after her daughter was sent home from school for having faded purple hair.

Alexis Williams allowed Chloe, 13, to use the temporary hair dye before summer but it had not washed out as well as hoped, so was sent home from lessons.

Chloe was eventually allowed back to school after a week of staying at home, after a kind-hearted hairdresser offered to re-dye her hair for free.

Also this month, a consultation over the “crazily dangerous” Stirling Corner was launched by Labour GLA member Andrew Dismore.

Hundreds supported the Barnet politician’s campaign to turn the roundabout's traffic lights on round-the-clock.

Also in September, former Borehamwood Grammar school students took a trip down memory lane when they remembered a prank that almost got them expelled.

The students made the front page of the Borehamwood Post in 1964 for breaking into the school and moving the contents of the headmaster’s office to the flat roof.

And they hit the headlines again this month, when they met up at their school reunion for the first time since their cheeky trick.