A couple have been left feeling “tormented” after yobs threw a brick through their kitchen window.

Chris and Ray Edge, of Cockle Way, Shenley, were getting ready to have dinner on Saturday night when half a brick came hurtling through the double glazing.

The impact of the smash left shards of glass all over the kitchen floor and landed in the bowl of spaghetti bolognaise that 54-year-old Mrs Edge had made for dinner.

She said: “I was having a bath when I heard a smash and ran downstairs to see what was going on.

“The brick was huge and glass was simply everywhere. It really scared me at first because I did not want to step in anything and hurt myself.

“I was in shocked – this really beggars belief. We phoned the police because we were so scared.

“My mum is 80 and she is now too scared to come over to my house. It has ruined my social life, what kind of life is that?

“I keep waking up during the night to check whether anymore damage has been done, it feels like living in a war zone.”

They are still left picking up pieces of glass from the kitchen floor and worktops, and have been forced to board the window with a piece of cardboard until it can be repaired.

The couple were left feeling so scared that they sent their 17-year-old son, Callum, to live with his grandmother in Bushey.

They are now desperately trying to get re-housed, but Hertsmere Borough Council has warned them that no properties are available.

Mr Edge, a 64-year-old retired coach driver, said: “We keep the light on outside through the night now to try and deter anymore anti-social behaviour, but that is expensive.

“How someone can dare do this to us is beyond anything I can comprehend. It is like we are being tormented. We both feel devastated and furious about this.”

No arrests have been made and Herts Police are investigating.