Scouts will be able to shout their motto “do your best” as loudly as they can thanks to a grant.

The children at the 7th Borehamwood Scout Group, in Berwick Road, were handed a £215 county council grant to help soundproof their building.

After they moved into the Scout hut four years ago, they were keen to ensure that neighbours in the surrounding houses were not disturbed by noise.

As a result, the leaders have been trying to raise cash to help soundproof the building to ensure the little rascals could make as much noise as possible.

Len Denbigh, Scout and Beaver leader, said: “We tried everything to soundproof the building but it was just so expensive.

“This grant is just fantastic. We are really grateful for this money, now the kids can shout as loud as they want without disturbing anyone. We are all so pleased.”

The children were handed the money by Councillor Jean Heywood, Borehamwood Hillside, who allocated the cash out of her locality budget.

Lynda Parkin, Scouts group secretary, said: “We are all really grateful to Councillor Heywood for this money.

“Now our Beavers, Scouts and Cubs will be able to enjoy the meetings as enthusiastically as they can.

“The improved soundproofing will also allow us to offer our hall to use for the wider community.”