Sharpened senses and heightened states of consciousness, experimentation into how outside influences can alter our perspectives has been well-documented. In the ‘60s, Tom Wolfe wrote about Ken Kesey’s escapades in the Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. Now performance artist Bryony Kimmings has made 7 Day Drunk, a work exploring her own relationship with alcohol.

This new one-woman show, created during states of inebriation during a seven-day scientific experiment, looks at how substances alter artworks for good or for bad. Two parts song and dance routine, one part breakdown, the show follows the artist as she cracks open her own psyche for comment. The show is performed sober but is suitable only for ages 16 and up.

The show comes to Harpenden Public Halls, Southdown Street, St Albans on Friday, February 3 at 8pm. Details: 01582 767525.