Although it sounds like a children’s tale, the reality is that fish are slowly starting to disappear from our rivers and seas. Research shows that wild fish could be a thing of the past by 2048.

Leaper: A Fish Tale follows one fish's magical quest against the ever-growing natural and man-made monsters in our waters. Using their signature blend of puppetry and music, Tucked In explore the colourful world beneath the water’s surface.

Hal Chambers, Artistic Director of Tucked In Productions, says: “I believe the ultimate key to conservation is education. During our research children found that the idea of destroying one of the most bountiful natural resources was utterly silly.

“I think we are born with an inherent spirit of conservation and once we grow up we lose a little of that. That is why creating a puppetry production for children about the future of fish is so interesting. It is the next generation who are going to be most affected by our present mistakes. We believe the best way for people to connect with these issues is through story and Leaper will be moving, funny and extremely powerful.”

Leaper: A Fish Tale hopes to prompt inter-generational conversations about what we can do to help this situation.

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