Peter Pan, the timeless classic by JM Barrie, has once again been brought to life by the talented young children of The Pump House Theatre. This is the heart-warming story of ‘the boy who never grows up’ and his adventures with the three young Darling siblings: Wendy, John and Michael in Neverland - a magical world of mermaids, lost boys, Indians and fierce pirates, including the most terrifying of them all, the dreaded Captain Hook.

Director Robin Scarborough and his crew did not give themselves an easy job in choosing a production which involved flying children, a human dog and a crocodile on crutches, however each member of the team should be very proud of the performance.

The same is true for the actors. Naomi James as Wendy and Ben Henley-Washford as Peter Pan, performed brilliantly with an excellent on-stage rapport of genuine affection combined with the convincing type of arguments you might get from a married couple. Their passion contrasted perfectly with the evil and twisted Captain Hook, played by Jonathan De Costa and his right-hand man Smee, played by John Anglesey, who was utterly hilarious and had the audience in fits of laughter.

The supporting cast also brought a great deal to the show, particularly Michael played by Michael Paloma, who showed outstanding talent with his wonderful singing. Special mention too, to Megan Rigby as Tinker Bell, who although silent throughout gave an excellent performance with great poise and focus.

Karen Rhodes and the whole backstage crew who took part in the genius multi-functional creation of the set to enhance the magic of Neverland also deserve praise, especially for the fantastic costumes for the mermaids and other magical creatures, which made the whole performance highly professional.

Calum Littley