Being a bit of a murder mystery enthusiast, having been on a murder mystery weekend and hosted thriller themed dinners, I was certainly looking forward to this event.

When we arrived at The Colosseum we were shown to our table by our host for the evening, Mr Hang-em, who was later to become our murder victim. The tables were elegantly situated around a central performing area and some guests had come in mixed groups and others as couples.

We were served our starter as we were informed of the suspects and a murder we were about to witness. The host for the evening kept us entertained with plenty of banter and later he insisted on showing us his talents as he died an excruciatingly long and painful death. The other actors present were also very persuasive with their denials of having committed murder most foul. However, by the time the dessert came, we had to reach a conclusion as to who had performed the murder.

Throughout the evening, the host awarded us points on our interviewing skills and how much we cheered when he entered the room (yes, a bit like panto). This all helped create an atmosphere of excitement and the final winners of the evening were, of course, those who correctly identified all the unknown factors.

All in all we all had a great evening and the food was an enjoyable addition – I would definitely do it again and recommend it as an evening with a difference.

Elizabeth Vis