It all started with a young woman filming herself talking into a stick of deodorant about the clothes in her wardrobe, and ended up with her landing her ‘dream’ job as a fashion presenter.

“I hoped it would catch their attention!” laughs Brooke Simons, from Mill Hill, of the audition tape that got her the position of the first presenter of brand new ‘fashion destination’ “I adore fashion and everything that comes under the fashion umbrella, so being given the opportunity to talk about it non-stop is a dream!”

Brooke beat off competition from thousands of serious fashionistas to present the channel that launches on Tuesday, February 28.

“It’s a fashion website, like a FAcebook for fashion,” she explains. “There will be live video updates of everything that’s going on in all the different stories, we’ll be interviewing people on the streets, broadcasting live from fashion shows and advert launches.”

The Muse is billed as a ‘fashion community for style-savvy young women’ and will feature a mix of broadcasts and written features of style tips, competitions and live event coverage.

Brooke’s new role will see her going to different stores and being dressing in different looks. “We used to look to celebrities for what to wear but that’s really hard for normal people to reach. There are so many well dressed members of the public, we want to show that off.”

Brooke’s entry into the fashion world came when she put herself through a photography course at college three years ago. The 28-year-old had been working in sales promotions for printed merchandising and decided she wanted to do something different.

Since then she has been working as a photographer, doing a lot of fashion and beauty shoots for the likes of the British Homeopathy Association and nail manicure companies, as well as an exciting project of street fashion features for You magazine, including one on fashion for women in their 60s and one on the fashion buyers at Topshop. will be launched on Tuesday, February 28. Details: