Fabric artist Sophie Cordery is interested in shining light on the ordinary and commonplace, the homespun, unsung aspects of life. Her subtle artworks are on show at Watford Museum's Space2 Gallery from this week.

"I paint the mundane, the small things of everyday existence," she says. "Empty rooms, lonely chairs, doors and windows opening to unknown places. I use furniture as symbols of domesticity and simple humanity. They speak of memories".

Sophie believes a lot of our memories, even the vague, unreliable or dreamt ones, are tied to a sense of place but are theses places real or imagined?

"The viewer stands outside, looking in," says Sophie. "They are invited into a dialogue, spurred on by subtle traces of human presence, drawn in by what he can't see, hidden behind a painted wall or a patterned curtain."

To capture a sense of time in her paintings, Sophie uses printed fabric as canvas, which become a playful part of the finished image. As part of the exhibition,

Sophie will be demonstrating and talking about her techniques at the gallery. She is hosting an illustrated artist talk, A Sense of Place: Using Fabric in Contemporary Painting on Thursday, March 8 AT 6pm and a Fabric Painting Workshop on Saturday, April 21 from 1pm-3pm. Booking is required.

Space2 Gallery, Watford Museum, Lower High Street, Watford. The exhibition runs until April 28, Thursday-Saturday 10am-5pm. Details: 01923 232297, www.watford.gov.uk/space2