The magic is in the detail so this Christmas, create a bit of festive sparkle for you and your dinner guests, whilst watching the pennies, by sprucing up the table in three easy steps. Just follow these top tips from Bostik:

Customized Placemats:

You will need:

  • Old placemats
  • Beaded edging
  • Sew Simple from Bostik

Borehamwood Times: Christmas tableware top tips 4

Jazzing up tired placemats is so quick and easy – but incredibly effective! On the reverse of each mat, apply a thin line of Sew Simple fabric glue. Then carefully position the beaded edging, wait one minute and then press firmly into place. Allow the glue to dry – and then get ready to set the table!

Festive place cards:

You will need:

  • Coloured card
  • Decorative ribbon
  • Gold or silver pen
  • Sticki Tape from Bostik

Borehamwood Times: Christmas tableware top tips 5

Show your guests how much they mean to you by creating each and everyone one a personalized place card for the table. Cut the name cards to size and fold in half. Next, in contrasting card, cut out a festive shape, such as a holly leaf and use Sticki Tape from Bostik to mount onto the place card. Use Sticki Tape to position a strip of decorative ribbon in place and finally, write on your guest’s name in gold or silver pen.

Christmas Candles:

You will need:

  • Glass tea light holders
  • Tea light candles
  • Beaded wire tinsel
  • Glitter
  • Star sequins
  • Sticki Pen from Bostik
  • Sticki Dots from Bostik

Borehamwood Times: Christmas tableware top tips 6

Use Sticki Pen around the base of the tea light holder to create a fine film of glue and then dip in the glitter to create a frosted effect. Next, apply a thin line of glue around the top of the holder, using Sticki Pen, and press a length of beaded wire tinsel into place. Hold and allow the glue to dry. Then, fix star sequins onto the glass using Sticki Dots from Bostik. Finally, add the candles to each holder, position on the dining table and light to create that golden Christmas glow!

Sew Simple from Bostik is a solvent-free fabric glue that forms a permanent and invisible bond in just one minute. It can be machine-washed and ironed. Sew Simple costs £3.99 and is available from Wilkinsons and WH Smiths.

Sticki Tape from Bostik is made up of hundreds of tiny glue dots, which means it won’t smudge or smear and is completely clear. Unlike other tapes, there’s no stringing effect and it doesn’t yellow. Sticki Tape is available at WH Smiths and is priced at £3.25.

Sticki Pen from Bostik is applied in a writing motion by gently drawing the pen across the surface to leave a 2mm line of glue. Sticki Pen is repositionable and solvent free. It dries completely clear to ensure a professional finish with each application. Sticki Pen is available at WH Smiths, Rymans, Morrisons and Hobbycraft and retails at £1.99.

Sticki Dots from Bostik are individually formed multipurpose adhesive glue dots and are incredibly easy to use. Sticki Dots are available in removable and extra strength packs. They are clear and when they dry, they do not yellow. You can find Sticki Dots at Tesco, WH Smiths and various stationers at £1.19 for a pack of 64 dots.

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